Welcome to The Merger! Whether you came here intentionally or are a corporate finance strategist who mistakenly stumbled onto this website looking for tips on acquiring a company, I hope you find something that makes your visit worthwhile.

Aside from the fact that my first and last names conveniently merge into the word Merger, I chose the name because I like to write about a variety of subjects, and The Merger is a nice umbrella term that they can all fit under. It also doubles as the name of a classic Office episode where the Stanford and Scranton branches come together, so it definitely felt like the right move.

Before I found this lovely home on the world wide web, I was scraping together a BA in English Lit from McGill University, where I served as the Arts & Entertainment editor for two years at The McGill Tribune and co-founded the satirical news outlet The McTavish Radish. These days I’m in Toronto and always on the lookout for new publications to write for, so if you happen to have the power to make that happen, I encourage you to get in touch with me.

I think that covers all the basics. Thanks for giving The Merger a look, I’ll see you in another life brother (or sister)!

– Max Berger

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